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September 27 2011

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I'm not much for bashing the competition but this is pretty funny (and slightly true). Xfinity Can !

August 31 2011


Bundle Perks

Saving money is behind every financial decision these days. Those companies that realized that the way to be number one in their market meant selling more for less, are the ones that have kept their business treading successfully all these years.

In these times, the only way for us to afford everything that we need is to cut unnecessary things out of our budgets without sacrificing our sanity. A great example of this delicate balance is having TV and internet. Internet these days can be considered a necessity but TV will always remain a "luxury". Unfortunately with the way society has developed over the last 50 years, you could go crazy if you do not have the diverse entertainment options that TV provides. Remember, we have to save money, so going out and spending money on different enjoyably activities would be much more expensive. There has to be another way to have both TV and Internet without breaking the bank.  Luckily, bundles provide just the type of discounts that people need for these services. Everyone bundles, even the rich! You don’t stay rich by giving your money away but that is a good way to not be rich. The best savings with home service bundles is with the triple play that includes TV, internet, and phone service. For example, Comcast offers their Xfinity Triple Bundle for under $100! It is easy for companies to sell their internet and TV service because people like to watch TV and they use the internet all the time. Phone service is a different story. With cell phone service taking over not only the calling duties of a home phone but also some of the entertainment duties on the internet, home phone has been all but eliminated. Those of us who were not weaned on cell phones, know that a phone call is not the only thing that a home phone can provide. Aside from the security that a home phone provides, it can also provide savings through bundling.

There is also one other thing people are looking for with bundling other than saving: peace of mind. Having service with two or three different companies can, at times, be frustrating. In relation to technical support or billing issues, the very idea of having to call one company for the TV service, another for the internet service, another for the home phone service, and yet another for the cell phone, is very exhausting and frustrating. Bundling means you call one company for either tech support, or billing, or upgrades or whatever the situation. Having all of your services billed on the same date is also great when trying to maintain a budget. Remember, to look for companies that offer these great bundle perks.

August 18 2011

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Here is the difference between HD and SD. Notice the detail. It is even more amazing when you have the right HD service provider (Hint: Xfinity TV)

August 03 2011


Xfinity High Def

Everyone is all over high definition although not everyone may know exactly how it works. High Definition is a superior digital quality that boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio which means that the screen is wider than it is tall. It is meant to mimic the the experience one would undergo at a movie theater. Aside from the aspect ratio, HD also provides a crystal clear and quality picture. That is achieved because HD offers a higher resolution by using more than 2 Million pixels. A pixel is simply a very small point on your TV that holds a very small piece of an image. The more pixels you have the more detailed the picture on the screen is. By comparison, a standard definition TV  uses about 500,00 pixels (way less than half of what an HD TV offers).

Three things are needed in order to view something in High definition: an HD receiver, HD programming, and an HD TV. The HD receiver must be provided by your cable TV company. Once you have your HD receiver (with or without DVR functionality), you must subscribe to the HD programming service from the same cable tv company. Some offer the service at no additional cost. Some require an HD programming or access fee but promotions may be available to get this particular service for free. Comcast, for example, offers HD service free with their Xfinity bundles that include the TV, internet, and phone service. Those channels that are available in HD are usually duplicates of the standard version. For example, channel 3 is ABC in standard definition but channel 403 is ABC in high definition. In order for a channel to be available in HD the network that owns the channel has to use HD cameras to film shows or movies. Finally, you need to purchase your very own HD TV. HD TVs come in different levels from 720i, 720p, 1080i, to 1080p. An HD TV that is 1080p is the best of them all and is closer to blue ray quality than any of other other levels. Make sure to talk with an employee in the electronics store/ department to get a better explanation of what would be better for your preference and for your budget. If you are willing and ready to jump onto the HD band wagon, you will be very glad you did.

July 27 2011

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The evolution of communication in a much simpler format. Phone is int here somewhere.

July 18 2011


Xfinity Home Phone Line

Comcast has evolved over the decades to become the leading cable company in the nation. Despite already being leaders in the industry, they continue to work hard to constantly make their services better. They were actually one of the first companies to offer a triple bundle package from one source and they even coined the term Triple Play (in the telecommunications world that is). Comcast is recognized for their outstanding tv and internet service but they also are pioneers in digital voice service. Xfinity Voice is a home phone service that provides local and long distance services. This home phone line is a digital phone service which uses coaxial cable lines instead of the telephone lines. This type of phone service does not require an outside long distance company (which saves you money on long distance charges). Although many people choose to only have cell phones nowadays, a home phone provides a reliability and savings that is often overlooked.

Cell phones nowadays have become a necessity because they keep us connected with our friends and family as well as providing a form a security when we need to call for assistance right away. All of this is a great selling point when we are away from home but when at home, I question these attributes when compared to a home phone line. A home phone is always in the same place whereas cell phones are often misplaced (very often if you are like me). Cell phones may lose reception or battery life but a home phone is always connected. I know many people would agree with that argument but then the issue of money or cost may overturn out better judgment. The fact is that with triple bundle packages being offered at such awesome prices, having that home phone line may only be $5-$10 more than having just the TV and internet service. For that price, you’d get unlimited nationwide calling which would allow you to lower your cell phone plan to something with 1500-3000 minutes because you would be able to make calls from home. In the long run, you can actually save money by having both a home phone line and a limited cell phone plan or at least you would break even. Saving money or not losing any sounds like a win-win situation to me.

July 13 2011


Xfinity Fancast

Comcast has made a lot of advancements with it's Xfinity service and included in that are many innternet integrated features like Fancast.  This feature allows you to watch actual TV channels live using any internet connection. With your subscription to Xfinity TV, all you have to do is log into your account online and start taking advantage of the Fancast feature. The channels that are available to you on Fancast depend on your particular subscription level as well as what channels are available through the service all together. Currently, there are over 100 channels available through Fancast including the premium networks like HBO, Starz, and Cinemax. Again, if you want to watch a channel like HBO through Fancast, you must be subscribed to the HBO premium through your digital cable TV package. Once you have accessed Fancast online, it is very easy to upgrade if you want access to a channel that you are not currently subscribed to.

This feature is an excellent compliment to the iOS app that provides access to on-demand services. With these great features from Comcast Xfinity service, who needs a television. Well maybe that is a little exagerrated becuase I need my TV just as much as my internet service but now they are like one.

June 27 2011


Xfinity DVR

Most of America has heard of a DVR although not all have had a chance to use one. A fair warning: Once you use it, you cannot live without it! A Digital Video Recorder is probably technologies best invention of all time (I might be exaggerating a bit). 

The original recording device (aside from a VCR) is the TiVO. A TiVO is a recording machine that you had to purchase and also required a monthly fee for the ability to record and store programming from different channels. Shortly after the release of the TiVO, TV companies introduced the DVR which is basically the same thing only the receiver did not have to be purchased (as it belonged to the TV company). A DVR, like a TiVO, requires a monthly service fee. Either way, whether you still have a TiVO or whether you have a DVR, they both allow you to record, pause, and rewind movies and shows on any channel. With a simple push of a button, you can manage your recorded content and even schedule recordings for movies and shows that are going to be shown in the future. In order to have a DVR, you must subscribe to a digital cable TV package which will provide other awesome features like on demand and pay per view to compliment your DVR service. Xfinity TV from Comcast offers different levels of digital cable to which a DVR can be added.

In addition to the recording and rewinding capabilities, a DVR can fast forward under two conditions: (1) if you are watching a previously recorded program and (2) if you are watching a channel which you have previously paused or rewound. That second fast forwarding option has a little stipulation: if you pause or rewind a channel (and you are not recording it), you must stay on that channel in order to be able to fast-fast forward. If you change the channel, once you return that channel, you will begin at the live feed and not at the moment that you left it at. Companies have recently introduced what can be defined as a multi-room DVR. Prior to this advancement, if you wanted to record on 4 TVs, for example, that means you needed 4 DVR receivers (which requires individual DVR fees). With this new type of DVR, which Comcast calls it the AnyRoom DVR, you can pay for one DVR receiver that will provide multiple TVs the ability to record and watch recorded programs. Although the other TVs must have at least a standard receiver, they are not required to have an actual DVR receiver. I can only imagine where this technology will go next.

June 20 2011

Pretty funny. I knew HD was perfected long before we even invented televisions...

June 15 2011


Xfinity Internet

Xfinity offers some of the fastest internet speeds. Now, you may not need the fastest internet package, but Xfinity Internet uses fiber optic technology also making it one of the most reliable internet services available.

As far as internet speed is concerned, it is most commonly measured in Mega bits per second (Mbps). The average American only needs between 5Mbps to 25Mbps. This range includes things like checking e-mails, paying bills online, on-line classes, gaming,  and supporting multiple devices. If you use the internet heavily like downloading large files constantly (i.e. software programs, full length movies, etc..)or you have many devices using the internet at once constantly (i.e. several computers, printers, faxes, scanners, etc..) then you will most likely need a slightly higher speed. Xfinity internet offers speeds for all those uses from 3Mbps all the way up to 100Mbps for fast downloading!

Internet service also has more connections to TV than ever before. it is possible nowadays to have your internet connected to your TV. If you have devices that can create that connection like a PS3, Xbox, as well as the Any-Room DVR available with Xfinity TV, then you will have the ability to rest your laptop and do your online activities through your TV. Navigating may not be as easy using the internet on your TV but, (surprise, surprise!) there is keyboard that can be purchased to connect to your TV.

June 06 2011

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The cost of installing Xfinity is free,.. almost everywhere.

June 02 2011


Xfinity TV is Number 1

Xfinity TV is an advanced digital cable service offered by Comcast through a coaxial and fiber network. Xfinity offers the best digital quality and some of the best HD programming with over 100 channels available in high definition. Xfinity offers familiar favorites like on-demand, pay-per-view, parental controls, and music channels. On of the coolest features is the Any-Room DVR. This DVR does all the awesome things a normal DVR can do like record, pause, and rewind live TV. The difference is that it can record and play back on multiple TVs in the household. You do not need to pay for a DVR for each TV, you just need to have a receiver on each TV. This receiver can also stream web content on your TV if you also have Xfinity internet. You can search the web for a phone number or view pictures and videos stored on your computer right through your digital TV. Xfinity offers the best TV service around.

May 23 2011


The Future of Xfinity Internet Now

With the launch of Xfinity, Comcast catapulted itself into the forefront of fiber optic technology for TV, Internet, and phone. Xfinity TV, internet, and phone are amazing services within themselves but  beyond them, Xfinity provides Internet 2 Go. By now, many Comcast customers are familiar with Xfinity internet which provides download speeds up to 100Mbps and uploads above 4Mbps for devices in the home like PC/ Mac computers, gaming systems, printers, faxes, and other internet enabled devices. On the other hand Xfinity2Go can provide you an internet connection anywhere where WiFi is available. Other companies like Sprint, T-Mobile, and others have been offering air cards for some time. The technology of internet on the go has been cornered by mobile phone companies. Cable companies like Comcast and also Time Warner Cable (Road Runner Mobile) are bringing stiff competition to this market. Now you will be able to bundle with other Xfinity services and save tons of money. Xfinity2Go will use the existing 3G and 4G networks that other companies are already using so you can be sure it will be just as reliable as any other wireless internet provider.  The fact of the matter is that people are looking for the conveniences of home to travel with them be it to work, on long commuter rides or simply in doctors’ waiting rooms. Xfinity is there to meet those needs and exceed them.

May 03 2011


April 29 2011

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Not only is Xfinity Internet one of the fastest at home internet services available but Xfinity has also launched Xfinity internet on the go. If you are using air cards or are wanting to try it for the first time, Xfinity Internet2go is the best option.

April 19 2011


Entering Xfinity

Hello, World! I am here to introduce you to the wonderful world of Xfinity. Xfinity is essentially Comcast on steroids (that is not an accusation of any kind!). The internet service is ridiculously fast. The TV service is splendidly clear and detailed. The phone service, well, it's phone service.

You might ask yourself what makes it so different. My answer to that is stick around. I'll break down each service as we go. I can say this now, Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet, and Xfinity Voice are going to be the best services in your area. Look out for the best Xfinity deals in your area....

April 12 2011


April 06 2011

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This has got to be the coolest company logo ever. Xfinity has it going on!
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